Open Review

You are participating in an open review of this book. During this open review you can read the book and help make it better. You can offer suggestions by make annotations using, an open source annotation system. Further, the website will be collecting implicit feedback, such as the traffic and abandonment rate of each section of the book.

Open review will take place while this book's publisher is conducting peer review. The feedback from open review and peer review will be used to create a revised manuscript. The open review period will end when the final manuscript is submitted to the publisher.

FAQ about open review

What are the benefits for readers?

You get to read the manuscript and help make it better.

What are the benefits for authors and publishers?

The open review process will benefit both authors and publishers, even if they have no interest in increasing access to knowledge. The process will lead to higher manuscript quality through the explicit and implicit feedback. Further, the open review process will provide valuable data that can be used during that marketing of the book.

What is the build process for this website?

We will do a full blog post about that in the future. For now, you can read more about our code.

Has anyone ever done something like this before?

I'm sure that they have. Here are some somewhat similar projects that I've heard about:

What kind of information are you collecting and how will that information be used?

Please read our privacy and consent policy.

How I can learn more about traditional peer review of academic books?

The AAUP recently published a report on best practices for peer review.

Can I do this with my book?

Sure. Check out the code section of this website for more about how we did it.